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Healthy Haven Step 2 - Create a Haven Space

     The most important relationship that you have in your life is the relationship that you have with your own self. It is a sacred connection that needs to be honored and strengthened through your attention. A strong support for developing this relationship with yourself is to create a space or haven within your own home just for you. I call this a Haven Space. This space is your personal sanctuary, and is a place where you can go to slow down, become centered, connect with, learn about and recharge yourself.

     This space can be created however you wish; it can be as big or small of a space as you need it to be. It should include things that inspire you and help to make the space your own. Keeping the space welcoming, simple, clean and organized, will help to cultivate a beautiful energetic that you look forward to spending time in. Just remain open and enjoy the creative process. You will find that your space evolves over time as you, yourself, evolve and grow over time.

     In my Haven Space, I have a vibrant orange comfortable cushion that I sit on and just love. I have it placed on the floor in front of a small altar table. (I use a breakfast bed table for an altar table…). On the altar table I have some of my most special stones and gathered sea glass from my beach walks; some crystals, flower petals and pretty leaves that bring nature into the space. I also have a small white candle that I light to bring in the sense of the spiritual. I enjoy having fresh lavender, essential aromatherapy oils or incense there as well to help cultivate the space. I have a soft blanket near my altar table to cover my legs while I am there, and I often bring a cup of herbal tea with me to sip on.

     On the altar table, I have images of healthy and inspiring mentors that motivate me to continue growing towards my greatest self, and I have created a Vision Board that holds images of what I aspire to and wish to manifest in my life that I have placed in the center of my space. I also have images of stars and galaxies of the Universe to help remind me of broader perspectives. I placed several photographs of my family and my loved ones that warm my heart and bring me joy, and there is a photograph of myself when I was very young, smiling and beaming. These images comfort and nourish me, and make me feel at home in my space.

     In this space, I like to read passages from inspiring books that help to motivate and educate my health journey. Right now I have been reading Julia Cameron’s ‘An Artist’s Way,’ a Yoga Philosophy book from Shiva Rea called ‘Tending the Heart Fire,’ and a Pema Chodron spiritual book is always on my reading list. I keep these inspiring books on a small bookcase that I have in my Haven Space, alongside my Haven Transformation Journals. The Journals are important to have handy as the space is a perfect environment for having great journaling sessions.

     My Haven Space has provided me a catalyst for discovering some of my greatest ideas and insights that have helped to guide me on my journey towards greater well-being. I am certain that your space will evolve to be just perfect for you. It will be a very valuable tool that will assist in connecting you with your most joyous and authentic self, honoring your greatest treasure.

Here are some images I gathered of created Haven Spaces that I hope inspires you....   LOVE

Sacred Space Image 2

Sacred Space Image 1_copy

Sacred Space Image 4

Sacred Space Image 5

Sacred Space Image 3_copy1


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