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Healthy Haven Step 3 - Engage in Haven Walking

     There is something that most all of us can do whenever we feel the need to get a fresh perspective on life, to lift our spirit, to get our blood flowing and feel healthier in our mind and in our body. We can all get outside and go for a beautiful walk.

     I have always naturally loved to go for walks. Growing up, I lived on a lake that was a mile and a half around and I was always setting out on walks around it. My favorite part of walking is that I can let my mind wander and go where it needs to go. I can either focus on creative projects that I am working or contemplate challenges that I wish to seek solutions for, or I can simply go out and become aware of the open sky above me and the outer world around me, with the rhythm of my steps and of my breath calming and centering me as I walk, allowing for a natural meditation to take place.

     I have found that some of my best ideas happen during my walks, so I am always sure to carry a small notebook with me, one that fits inside of my pocket, and a pen for writing down these creative and inspirational ideas. While walking, you fall into a receptive mode, taking in the world around you and within you. You become more able to hear the fresh, new thoughts that naturally emerge from within you. This receptive quality that comes from walking is also excellent when you are dealing with any challenges in your life, for you also become more able to receive the inner guidance and visions that can later help you with these challenges.

     I most prefer taking walks amidst beautiful nature as it soothes my soul. The Japanese have a beautiful word for the act of walking in nature to create calm and relaxation in the body. The word is “Shinrin-yoku” which translates as forest bathing.

     Walking can be used as a spiritual practice, as a time to pray and connect with a source greater then ourselves. You can spend time asking for Guidance and giving Gratitude for all that is. You can walk and connect with the steady blue sky and the passing clouds above to remember that life is always changing and impermanent like the clouds, but that there is a steady peace and love that lives and is present within all of us, always.

     It has been known for eons the great health benefits of walking. We all innately can feel that it is a healthy thing for us to do. And there have been many studies conducted that show that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can have profound health impact. This means that you can head out your door for 15 minutes, turn around and come back, and you just did your body, mind and spirit a world of good. Walking is also a great low-impact exercise that gets your blood pumping and it doesn’t cost you anything. And not only that, when you walk, your body releases more serotonin and endorphins so you are elevating your mood as you do it.

     As walking is able to energize you while relaxing you, heal you, uplift you, inspire you and guide you, I highly recommend Walking as the next Healthy Haven Step that you begin today. You will be very thankful that you did…


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