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Healthy Haven Step 12 - Remember that you are what you eat...

     There is a great intelligence that exists within all the whole foods grown from Mother Earth, and this intelligence is what has kept the human species alive and well over the years.

     Our ancestors knew that whole food possessed inherent energies and powers far greater than we could ever understand. They gave great respect to the foods in which they ate, understanding that the foods we consume merge with our inner bodies and become a part of who we are as a physical and energetic being.

     Through studying the plants closely to see what the plant’s roles were in nature, our ancestors hoped to understand how the food would function in the human body.  And Science would later prove many of their findings correct.

     Our ancestors believed that when we consumed raw leafy greens, for example, they would help to oxygenate our bodies as they are the respiratory of the plant world. And they were right! One of their functions in the body is to help clean our blood and oxygenate our system.

     Another example is root vegetables. Their role in nature is to help the earth absorb and assimilate nutrients, which is also the role of our own small intestines. It has been found that when we consume root vegetables, such as yams, sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots, one of their major roles is to help our small intestine function at optimal levels.

     The fact that every single thing that we eat must be broken down and then rebuilt into another substance before the cells of our bodies can use it properly needs to really be thought about before putting anything in our mouths. Whole foods made from Mother Earth have a way of communicating with the body that helps the body know how best to use them for healing and regeneration. This ability of the food and the body to communicate with one another creates a feeling of ease in the body and helps it to function at it’s best. When we eat packaged and processed food, we tamper with this intelligence, and the result is the creation of dis-ease in the body.

     Our bodies are made of the same material as the natural world. As the pioneer nutritionist, Hazel Parcels, puts it, “We are made up of all the elements of the earth. We have a fundamental relationship to every earth component, because we are in truth formed, flesh and blood and bone, from the soil of this planet….”

     To stay alive and grow, plant and animal life all depend on a constant supply of vitamins and minerals that originate in Mother Earth, so when looking at our own diets, we need to make sure we are getting a steady flow of these healthy nutrients.

     Some of the top vitamin and mineral foods that you can eat are fruits (especially avocados, apricots, prunes, raisins, figs, berries and dates), and vegetables, (especially dark leafy greens, onions, mushrooms), almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, white beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and squash seeds, oatmeal, quinoa, and buckwheat.

     The closer you can eat to real, whole foods the better off your health will be and the better you will feel. Try it out and see! LOVE


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I think I agree with most of the publications written on essay reviews that suggest that you should eat whatever you want to as long you exercise after.