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My name is Hilary Hamilton-Schmidlin and my intention for creating this space is to provide a haven for you, a sanctuary and refuge, where you can feel supported and nurtured while reading inspirational and informative articles on insights and topics regarding how to experience a truly healthy and vibrant life.    

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Writer who seeks to help others through sharing what I have come to find as the most helpful information while on my own journey to discovering optimal health.   I write with the knowledge gained from my teachers and from the wisdom discovered through my own personal life experiences.  I am forever thankful for each and every one of them.

The Healthy Haven Steps

Throughout my writings you will find Article's entitled Healthy Haven Steps. Each Step will include a Health Practice to incorporate in your own life that will lead you towards greater health.   You can work with the Healthy Haven Steps in any order that is best for you, just take each one slowly and just one step at a time.

I created Healthy Haven Steps with the knowing that we are all our own best Healers with unlimited potential to live a healthy life when we are given the essential information that helps to empower and guide us.  As we are all unique individuals with differences such as age, gender, activity levels and so on, it is important to listen to our own inner wisdom that communicates to us in such ways as feelings and body symptoms.  Our bodies, minds and spirits let us know on a deeper level if what we are doing and thinking truly is contributing to our greater health. In this intuitive listening, we are able to be our own greatest Guides.

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Healthy Haven Step 13 - The Practice of Visualization to create your Future Self

      With every choice we make and every thought that we think in the present moment, we are creating our future selves. We can ask ourselves before eating or drinking or taking on any new beliefs, “Will this help me cultivate a healthy future self?”  We can also use our thoughts to create a visualization of our future selves to become a guide for how we live our lives now.

     The word vision comes from the latin word visionem, meaning wisdom. When we are actively practicing visualization, we are using our inner wisdom to cultivate that which we wish to experience in our lives.

     Many individuals, such as scientists and scholars, have testified to this wisdom power of positive visualization. One of my greatest inspirations, Louise Hay, a successful author and influential book publisher who lived until her 90th year as a healthy and energetic woman, was a well-known spokesperson for the importance of affirmations and visualizations for creating your future self.

     Numerous professional athletes are also great practitioners of using vivid, highly detailed internal mind images to run-through their performances before taking any physical actions. Wimbledon Champion Billy Jean King actively used positive visualization to prepare for her tennis matches and strongly believed that this was what made athletes Champions; World Champion Golfer, Jack Nicklaus has been quoted as saying, “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head.”

     I’ve experienced this amazing power of visualization in my own life, as I can remember a time, over twenty years ago, when I was feeling unhealthy and needing to make change in my life. At that time, I began to create a vision of my future self in my mind of who I wanted to become - someone who was beautiful, strong, healthy and vital. Using this vision as my guide, I began to slowly replace unhealthy habits with healthy habits. As I continued to practice positive visualization, people and opportunities came into my life to assist me on my journey, and with each new day, I began to feel better, have clearer thoughts, and could see more and more how the practice of visualization truly did make a positive impact in my life.

     Today, I am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, continuing to grow and be amazed at the infinite possibilities before me. It is now with great excitement that I practice in the co-creation of my future self. I actively visualize how I want to look in my elder years, picturing the beautiful wrinkles on my face that have been created from years of laughing and living in joy; I also visualize how I want to feel, with an energy radiating out from my body that is full of love and compassion and gratitude. I vision myself continuing to grow and evolve, surrounded by wonderful friendships and community, and being a healing, positive, inspirational force in the world. I strongly encourage you to do the same!!


                       “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

Living in the Know

     I have come to believe that you are either Living in the Know, Thinking about Living in the Know, or Completely Unconscious of Living in the Know.

     We all, of course, begin in the completely unconscious realm.  This realm is when I did things like ride my bicycle as a kid to the nearby gas station and buy two chocolate candy bars and a coca-cola slurpee….. every single day….for years. Or later, in junior high, when I would bribe my sister and her boyfriend to drive me to Pizza Hut so that I could order a set of Breadstick’s with extra marinara sauce, a medium thin-n-crispy pepperoni pizza, and a large coca-cola, just for myself, thank you very much.

     These were the days pre-Internet and pre-Health Revolution, and I was eating these foods from a place of pure enjoyment with absolutely zero thoughts on how these foods were affecting my body and my health. The consideration and care was just not there.

     But as the years rolled on, the Knowing began to inch it’s way into my consciousness.  This Knowing was that the food substances I was putting into my mouth did indeed become who I was as a physical human being. And I really didn’t want to become candy bars and pepperoni pizza anymore. The romance was over.

     I would ponder about this Knowing for a long time, thinking about the possible different foods I could start eating that would be healthier for me.  But change is a very, very hard thing for me, so I would make just one very small change at a time, and then I would stay with that one small change for as long as I needed to….sometimes for years….before I felt ready to make one more change in a more positive and healthy direction. 

     I can now say that for the most part I am now fully Living in the Know, meaning I feed myself healthy, organic, whole plant foods most all of the time.  This way of eating nourishes me on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level, and I wouldn’t trade this for anything. But I am also aware that you only live once and so I also make sure to never deny myself something I really, really, want in the yumminess department.

     I love feeling good and I love eating foods that help me to feel good. I know that these feel-good foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts, with occasional eggs and Wild Alaskan Salmon, and, of course, dark chocolate. I eat these whole earth foods in a variety of ways with a variety of sauces and dressings to make this way of eating interesting and delicious for myself.

     I hope that you discover and come to Know the same…. Here’s to great health and joyous eating!!
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